Sail to and from Ascension Island on the RMS St Helena

Although Ascension has never had permanent residents, it has been a major world centre of communications for many years and an important base for such organisations as the RAF, USAF, BBC and Cable and Wireless. Because of these important forces and communications organisations there have been restrictions on visitors for many years.

Now these restrictions have been eased. This combined with the availability of seats on the RAF flights between Brize Norton, in Oxfordshire and Wideawake airfield on Ascension, is opening Ascension Island up as a new and exciting tourist destination.

As yet the island is peaceful, tranquil and pretty unspoilt. There are no big hotels or nightclubs, but there is magnificent bird and marine life, beautiful beaches, fascinating countryside (there are 44 distinctive volcanic craters, for example – all very dormant) and some of the best sports fishing available.

So if you are looking for a slightly unusual holiday destination – and one that none of your friends has visited – this could be it.

How do you get there? This makes it even nicer – you can fly one way and go the other by ship on the RMS St Helena. Make a real fly-cruise holiday of it.

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