Voyage 255 Cancelled

The public is advised that a dry dock for the RMS has now been secured in Simonstown, South Africa from 29 March to undertake repair work on her starboard propeller.

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Voyage 254 Revised Sailing Dates

The RMS departed Cape Town on 5th March as scheduled, but due to an ongoing technical issue with one of her propeller shafts, she is sailing at a reduced speed and will now arrive later than planned.

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Voyages 253/254

The RMS St Helena has experienced a technical issue on her current voyage from St Helena to Capetown and is currently travelling at reduced speed.

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Maintaining Access To St Helena & Ascension

Following certification of St Helena Airport on Tuesday 10 May 2016, all parties are working to overcome the challenges of wind shear identified by the first few flights into the Airport.

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