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The Mirror
View the article in The Mirror, February 2017

The Financial Times
Download Tom Robbins article in The Financial Times, June 2016

See the ITV coverage, November 2015

The Independent
View Tricia Hayne’s article in The Independent, September 2015

The Guardian PQ Magzine
Download Martin Wright’s article in The Guardian PQ Magazine, August 2015

Adventure Travel Magazine
Download Tricia Hayne’s article in Adventure Travel Magazine, July/August 2015

The Jewish Cronicle
View Liz Gill’s article in The Jewish Cronicle, May 2015

View the MailOnline article Jan 2015

The Times
Download The Times article Jan 2015

Mail On Sunday
Download The Mail On Sunday article Dec 2014

Why visit St Helena in 2015
Download The Why visit St Helena in 2015 article Dec 2014

The Sunday Times
Download The Sunday Times article Oct 2014

Cruise International
Download the Cruise International article Oct 2014

The Times – Holidays to Book Now for 2015
If you have a subscription to The Times online, you can view the article here – Sep 2014

World of Cruising Magazine – Aug 2014
Please click here for full article

The BBC News 2014 – St Helena team arrives at The Commonwealth Games
Please visit – Jul 2014

Mallory On Travel 2014 – A Voyage for a Modern World
Please visit – Apr 2014

Mallory On Travel 2014 – Journeying to a Remote South Atlantic Island
Please visit – Mar 2014

The BBC News 2014
Please visit – Feb 2014

The Guardian 2014
Please visit – Jan 2014

The Times Online 2014
Download The Times Online 2014

Journeys Magazine 2013
Download Journeys Magazine 2013

The Mirror 2013
Please visit – May 2013

Historic UK 2013
Please visit – May 2013

Wanderlust magazine 2013
Please visit – May 2013

France Magazine 2013
Please visit – March 2013

Financial Times 2013
Please visit – 12 January 2013

RBS Sense Magazine Spring 2011
Download RBS Sense Magazine Spring 2011 2011
Please visit to view – 16th February 2011

The Irish Times 2011
Please visit to view – 5th February 2011

The Times Online 2011
Download The Times Online – 15th January 2011

World of Cruising Autumn 2010
World of Cruising Autumn 2010 2010
Please visit to view

Sport magazine
Download Sport Magazine March 2010

Download Sphere Spring 2010

Speak Up
Download Speak Up January 2010 2009
Please visit to view

Cruise International
Download Cruise International April 2009

Download Wildside 2009