Customer Reviews

We know the experience on board the RMS St Helena is special and unique, and it’s great that our customers feel the same way too.

Here’s what you say…

“We had decided to make a voyage on the RMS St Helena because it promised to be a unique experience for the 21st century. We were not disappointed. It was indeed a ‘voyage’ and not a ‘cruise’. Endowed with the ‘essentials’ of modern cruise-liners ensuring our comfort and satisfaction, the vessels size meant that we met and swapped yarns with more passengers than we would have done on a vessel with ten times the number. And the reasonable bar prices ensured that we could ‘have another’ and prolong our conversations without counting the cost.

Some people use the RMS service to get to their destination, to or from St Helena, to work, others to find Napoleon Bonaparte, perhaps the most written about character in history and others to say they have been to such far flung islands as St Helena, Tristan Da Cuhna and Ascension, while we just went for the voyage but discovered all these other reasons en route.”

Robert & Jenifer Herbertson, Cape Town

“It was a one-off wonderful experience and I know my fellow voyagers all felt the same. I, for one, have not stopped talking about it to anyone with the time and interest to listen.”

Sue Waldmeyer, Gillingham, Kent

“We would like to thank the captain and crew for the most enjoyable time we had on the RMS St Helena. This was our first cruise and it surpassed all expectations. It made our trip one which we will remember for a long time to come.”

Susan & John Stedman, Gloucester

“We thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing time we spent on board the RMS St Helena. The staff were very helpful and friendly and the meals were simply excellent.”

Lynne Gooch, Cape Town

“The crew on board the RMS St Helena were outstanding in every respect.”

Dave & Anita Nicholson, South Africa