The RMS St Helena in Dry Dock


Since arrival in Cape Town on 5th July, we have sat moored along side at ‘E’ Berth awaiting the availability of the D/D. The delay was due to a fishing vessel occupying the dock.

At 1700hrs yesterday afternoon Monday 9th July the D/D was available for the RMS and we made the shift. At 1911hrs last night we were safely on the blocks and the dock was completely dry by 2055hrs.

While we were at ā€˜Eā€™ berth work continued with the pax enhancement program. With 40 UK Contactors living onboard the female crew quarters was quickly guttered in preparation for the new pax cabins on B deck. The deck in the main crew alleyway was lifted, various officers showers were made ready for recoating the surfaces, the crew mass was stripped out and the deck heads spray painted.

The Ship’s staff have been busy covering the carpets, preparing the cabins for the contractors, removing all Port holes in the Crew Rec and Mess ready for replacements. All the tuff rails covered and the safety gear packed away. Others have been away on a First Aid courses and most important they have been keeping us fed and watered.

Down below in the Engine Rm we have seen the Stbd gear box overhaul commence, with the strip down. Work could only be carried out on one Eng as we needed the other for shifting.

Now with us safely in D/D the real work has begun. This morning Tuesday 10th July the dock bottom inspection was carried out to assess the condition of the hull. At present the hull is being high pressure washed before blasting can commence.

Both anchors have been ranged on the dock bottom ready for washing, inspection and re-marking. The chain locker will be washed and then coated in the next few days before the anchors go back.

The hatch covers are been made ready for removal where a lot of the components will be renewed.

Work is still continuing in the Eng room on the stbd gear box and now the port Eng. In the next few days we will see both prop shafts been removed, seals replaced and the propeller blades renewed. Work also still continues on the accommodation enhancement.