Sail Away Tour

At the end of 1977 Union Castle Lines withdrew its service to St 
Helena. As the island lacked an airfield, the British government 
purchased a ship and since then the route has been served by St Helena 
Line and in 1989 the current RMS St Helena was built and is one of the 
last ships of its type to carry the venerable Royal Mail signature.

 The RMS St Helena is equipped to carry passengers and a wide range of 
cargo to meet the needs of the population of Saint Helena.

In August 
2012 she underwent a refit and her berths increased from 128 to 150 in 
comfortable two berth, 3 and 4 berth cabins. Her passengers enjoy a 
range of facilities including a swimming pool, gymnasium shop and 
lounges. She also has well-equipped medical facilities and an on-board 

For the people of St Helena the RMS is a lifeline and is the only 
regular means of travel to this remote island. For tourists travelling 
on her, she is a reminder of an era of sea travel, far removed from the 
large cruise liners of today. 

For many years the prospect of an airport loomed for St Helena and 
finally in November 2011 the British Government announced that the 
airport project had been approved and work has begun and is estimated 
to be completed in 2016. After this date The RMS St Helena will be withdrawn from 
service and one of the most fascinating martime stories will be 
consigned to history.

 Do not miss the opportunity to be a part of the story. Be one of the 
very few who will be able to recount stories of travelling to the 
island by sea

. Our Sail Away Tour allows you to do just that.

Itinerary for the Sail Away Tour

28 August 2013 – 15 September 2013

Day 1

One night pre voyage included in Cape Town.

Day 2-5
Board the RMS St Helena. Revel in the onboard activities, or simply 
relax and watch the ocean waves dance around the ship as she sails to 
St Helena. You may be lucky enough to see marine and birdlife en route.

Day 6

Binoculars at the ready as you see the island ahead on the horizon. 
Witness the same view as the early explorers saw as the island’s 
features come ever closer. The next three days are spent exploring the 
diversity of St Helena and discovering the way of life of this remote, 
but spectacular British Territory. Optional tours can be arranged on 
the island by the tourism office. Accommodation is based on the ship 
and regular transfers to and from the ship and island are available.

(link to tourism website accommodation and tours pages)

Day 7

Leaving St Helena behind us, we sail north west to Ascension Island, a 
remote and somewhat secretive cross roads in the middle of the 

Day 8-9
At Sea

Day 10

Arrival into Ascension Island, a mix between a tranquil tropical 
paradise and a busy military base. There is time to go ashore to 
explore the rich diversity of the island including the rare birdlife, 
flora and fauna and between November and May a chance to see the the 
protected green turtle come ashore to lay their eggs on the beaches.

Day 11-12
The ship returns to St Helena

Day 13
Arrival into St Helena. A last chance to explore the island.

Day 14-18
The final leg of the voyage to Cape Town.

Day 19
Arrival in to Cape Town.

Included in the tour price:
Return sea fare and cabin of choice between Cape Town and Ascension Island.
All meals on board the RMS St Helena during the voyage.
Breakfast Daily when RMS is in St Helena and Ascension Island
Regular shuttles to and from the ship when in ports
Accommodation on board the RMS St Helena during port stays in St Helena and Ascension Island.
1 x night accommodation in Cape Town pre voyage.

Tour price excludes:
Applicable port charges, meals other than those stated, sightseeing and international flights.

Tour prices start from £1,406pp. Please contact our reservations department in London on 020 7575 6480 or Cape Town on +27 (0) 21 425 1165 for price details for when you want to travel and to book this voyage.