A St Helena Blog is Born

Check out St Helena Tourism’s first blog, the St Helena Wirebird, which aims to inspire travellers and showcase the diversity of this little-known island’s landscapes and experiences through amazing..

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Celebrating St Helena Day onboard the RMS

For St Helena Day, the RMS St Helena created themed menus and lots of entertainment. A traditional dish of fried yams were included in the breakfast and deck sports on the Sundeck included...

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New Record on St Helena

The record for climbing Jacob's Ladder has been broken by less than a second - by a runner who went up on all fours. Graham Doig cleared the 699th step of the St Helena landmark in a time of ...

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Banjo Claims Bellows Line Honours

The Governor's Cup Yacht Race, a downwind 1,750 nautical mile journey from Simon's Town, South Africa to St Helena, has seen the catamaran yacht Banjo, with its skipper and owner Kevin Webb and crew..

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BBC World Service & Radio 4 Coverage

Freelance Travel Journalist, Horatio Clare visited St Helena and reported back on 'From our Correspondent' which first aired on the BBC World Service and was repeated on Kate Adie's Radio 4 Show.

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The RMS St Helena in Dry Dock

Since arrival in Cape Town on 5th July, we have sat moored along side at 'E' Berth awaiting the availability of the D/D. The delay was due to a fishing vessel occupying the dock.

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