Voyages 253/254

The RMS St Helena has experienced a technical issue on her current voyage from St Helena to Capetown and is currently travelling at reduced speed.

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Maintaining Access To St Helena & Ascension

Following certification of St Helena Airport on Tuesday 10 May 2016, all parties are working to overcome the challenges of wind shear identified by the first few flights into the Airport.

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Helicopter Rescue Exercise

Tuesday night the RMS St Helena took part in a scheduled helicopter rescue exercise, close to the Canary Islands on voyage from Ascension.

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Crossing the Line

The Sun Deck onboard the RMS St. Helena was today transformed into realms of the deep when King Neptune, in the human form of Captain Andrew Greentree and Queen Aphrodite (Chief Officer Adam Williams)

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The Last Voyage leaves St Helena Island

The last voyage to the UK departs St Helena with 58 crew members and 139 passengers onboard. All are excited about the RMS St Helena's arrival on the River Thames in London in early June.

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