Travel from Cape Town

Information for passengers embarking and disembarking in Cape Town

The meeting point for passengers is the Passenger Terminal which is situated at E Berth in Duncan Dock.  Due to strict security regulations, entry into the other port areas is no longer permitted.

Embarkation usually takes place between 2pm and 2.30pm. Please check with AW Ship Management Ltd Cape Town for further information.

Arrival time in Cape Town is subject to change, therefore any local/international flights departing Cape Town should be arranged for the following day.

Passports & Visas

Passports must have at least six months validity and minimum two adjoining blank pages for entry into South Africa. No visas are required for St Helena.


The currency onboard the RMS ‘St Helena’ and St Helena Island is UK Sterling. Visa and Master Card are accepted and are subject to an administrative charge. Only UK Sterling, St Helena Pound, South African Rand and Euros can be exchanged or accepted.

Medical insurance

Medical insurance is compulsory.

Fitness to Travel Certificate

Passengers aged 70 years and over require a Fitness to Travel Certificate completed by their Doctor.


Smoking is only permitted on the outside decks.


B Deck

Ports from/to Cabin T4S Cabin T2HS Cabin T2S Cabin T1S
Cape Town – Ascension – Cape Town 41,679 66,990 77,022 113,916
Cape Town – St Helena – Cape Town 20,889 40,161 46,794 68,277

A Deck

Ports from/to Cabin T4 Cabin T3 Cabin T2H Cabin T2 Cabin T1
Cape Town – Ascension – Cape Town 40,821 45,771 57,519 72,336 97,812
Cape Town – St Helena – Cape Town 20,064 25,014 36,762 43,428 62,535

C Deck

Ports from/to Cabin 4BO Cabin 2BI Cabin 2BO Cabin 2BOS Cabin 2BIW
Cape Town – Ascension – Cape Town 25,674 27,522 29,007 30,294 32,340
Cape Town – St Helena – Cape Town 14,157 15,246 16,005 16,764 17,655

Please note: All prices are in South African Rand and are per person. All fares are subject to change due to currency fluctuations and fuel surcharge.