Share Your Life on Board

Life on board the RMS St Helena is such a unique experience that we’d like you to help us share a bit of it with your fellow travellers and those yet to join us.

We have created a gallery of photos from our crew and our customers to give you the opportunity to photographically share your experiences. If you have any photographs from your voyage that you’d love to see here, please email them to us at

Here’s your ‘Life on Board’.

“A trip on the RMS St Helena was a unique experience and absolutely amazing. The Ship is incredibly comfortable, a wonderful mixture between passengers and cargo where the food is out of this world and where the crew go beyond their call of duty to make the trip one to always remember.” Melanie, South Africa

“An unforgettable journey. The RMS truly is unique. The days at sea drifted past at a leisurely pace with like-minded passengers, fun activities and wonderful food.” Edward White, London

“A wonderful journey (much more comfortable than Napoleon experienced!). We’ve had a lot of fun with nice, like-minded people, great crew. We will always remember this great holiday.” Marie & Jean, Paris

Goodbye Cape Town

Out to sea from Cape Town

John Hamilton, our Purser, leads the deck games

It’s New Year’s Eve and there’s Santa Snow on the windows

Deck cricket!

Delicious food on deck – unforgettable chicken wings

Lots of fun on Entertainment Night

Competitive frog racing

St Helena, here we come

Life jacket safety session

Here comes the welcome crew

An unforgettable journey comes to an end, Maria Adams, Kambah ACT, Australia

Sarah Cash’s journey is just beginning…