Meet the Crew

Freddy Green

Meet Freddy Green, the longest serving member of the sea staff who joined The RMS St Helena shipping service in 1978, travelling to England to join the previous RMS St Helena in Southampton where she was being refitted.

Freddy served on the previous RMS St Helena during the Falklands War and on the Centaur, the replacement vessel in 1983. He was on the final voyage of the old RMS St Helena and joined this vessel on its maiden call at St Helena on 30th November 1990.

He will receive his Falklands medal this year after 33 years.

Patrick Williams

Patrick is the Chief Petty Officer (Bosun). He joined the first RMS St Helena in St Helena in 1978 as a steward, but transferred to the Deck Department soon afterwards. He went with the ship to the Falklands War in 1982 an joined the current ship on its maiden call in St Helena in November 1990.

He will also receive his Falklands medal this year after 33 years

These two crew members are the only two still working on the RMS St Helena that went to the Falklands during the war.

Marie Jonas

Meet Marie Jonas, she has been with the RMS since June 2003 when she was just 17 years of age. She joined as a stewardess and since worked her way through the ranks to become the Assistant Hotel Services Officer on board in November 2008 until present.

Both Marie and her dad, Cheddy Jonas, the Bosun on board the RMS, will enjoy the rest of the time left on the ship and will be sad to see her go when the airport opens on St Helena.

On the island, Marie is a part of the Womens' Sports Association and likes to take part in any sporting event, such as volley ball, basket ball, rounders, tennis and much more. She also enjoys walking and swimming. Marie commented, “all of the above can only happen when you have a job on the RMS, where you only work 6 months a year - it allows you enough time to enjoy other things that you love to do”.

Sharon Wade

Sharon started her working life at Radio St Helena, but after 3 years felt the desire to roam and so left St Helena to work for the Americans on Ascension. Working in the Commissary Office she had her first exposure to cash and accounts and was hooked.

For the next 12 years she worked in various positions on Ascension, but always dealing with payrolls and petty cash.

When the chance arose to work on the RMS St Helena, this “homing bird” could not resist, and so in April 2002 she left counting the dollars and started to count the pounds as the Junior Assistant Purser.

When the Pursers department was re -structured in 2006, Sharon became the Purser Accounts, responsible for all of the ships accounts, crew payroll, port clearances, cash movements and other related duties

Robbie Sim

Whether splicing ropes on the main deck, preparing the Sun deck for passengers or performing lookout duties on the Bridge, Robbie Sim was born to work at sea.

There is a long history of fishermen in his family with his grandfather, father and uncles being fishermen or seafarers. Robbie himself, first went to sea on a fishing boat before joining the RMS St Helena in January 2001 as a sailor. When not working on board, he can be found fishing for Tuna in his own boat, the 'Mantaray'.

He often smiles when approaching the Island, as he recalls fond memories of being one of the many flag waving children that excitedly welcomed the RMS to St Helena on her maiden voyage in November 1990.

Bert Leo

Bert joined The RMS St Helena in November 2009 as an Assistant Cook, after many years working in the Volcano Club and the NASA Site Mess on Ascension Island.

Although he enjoys working in the salad section of the Galley, he is famous onboard for his Levelwood Boil Puddings. Check out the recipe in our Gastronomy section.

When on leave Bert is a popular local Country and Western DJ at Colins Bar and the Silver Hill Bar, Levelwood.

Pat Reynolds

Passengers traveling on the RMS during the last 2 years, would have more than likely been elegantly served their dinner wine by the ever smiling Wine Waitress Patricia (Pat) Reynolds. Pat, a long standing member of the ships company, has been on board since 1993 initially serving as a cabin stewardess.

Before joining the RMS all those years ago, Pat worked 2 years as Housemaid for Lord and Lady Forte in Hyde Park and will soon commence a new job aboard as the 2nd Bartender, the first female to hold this position since the vessel entered service in 1990.