Banjo Claims Bellows Line Honours

The Governor’s Cup Yacht Race, a downwind 1,750 nautical mile journey from Simon’s Town, South Africa to St Helena, has seen the catamaran yacht Banjo, with its skipper and owner Kevin Webb and crew, Sarel Van der Merwe and Brad Stemmett claim The Bellows Line Honours Tray by crossing the finishing line on 1 January at 2013 at approximately 5.30pm.

Kevin and his crew suffered light winds at the beginning of their journey and for three days the wind also blew in the opposite direction. As wind conditions changed over the next seven days, Banjo saw itself cross the finish line first, out of 19 participants.

“The best part of the race for Banjo’s team,” Kevin said, “of course was Line honours and also finishing in the evening, where boats greeted us on the water and welcomed the crew in, it was fantastic.” Kevin who has been sailing since he was a young boy said, “I have never taken part in the race before, it was a first for all of us,” continuing on his feelings when crossing the line, Kevin commented, “I felt great relief, tremendous joy and for us arriving, it was a friendly welcome and it was spectacular.”